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Picture of Guinea palm oil

Guinea palm oil

The oil palm or Guinea Elephant (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Is a monocotyledonous plant of the Arecaceae family, widely cultivated for its fruits and seeds rich in oil for food and industrial use. Palm oil, extracted from the pulp of the fruit, has become in recent years the “first source of vegetable fats on the world market” 1. Palm kernel oil, extracted from the seeds, is authorized in the European Union as a substitute for cocoa butter.
5.00 €
Picture of Honey from Guinea

Honey from Guinea

Honey improves the retention of calcium and magnesium as well as the blood level of hemoglobin. The properties of honey are multiple: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants (which reduce the formation of free radicals responsible for aging).
20.00 €
Picture of Potato leaves

Potato leaves

100% natural dried potato leaves, made in Guinea. Net weight: 100g.
3.20 €
Picture of Dry fish powder

Dry fish powder

100% natural dry fish powder, made in Guinea. Net weight: 150g.
7.70 €
Picture of Soumbara


Soumbara 100% natural, made in Guinea. Ingredients: soumbara, shrimps, dry fish, shrimp maggi and salt. Net weight: 200g.
6.70 €
Picture of Bissap


100% natural Bissap, made in Guinea. Net weight: 100g.
4.10 €
Picture of Cassava leaves

Cassava leaves

100% natural dried cassava leaves, made in Guinea. Net weight: 200g.
5.80 €
Picture of Dried Kinkeliba leaves 100 g

Dried Kinkeliba leaves 100 g

Kinkeliba leaves (West African bushy shrub) have been recognized for millennia for their digestive and liver protection properties. The leaves are to be used as an infusion. It can be enjoyed cold or hot, diluted to taste and sweetened with sugar.
2.50 €
Picture of The Dictation Of My Soul

The Dictation Of My Soul

BIOGRAPHY Amadou Saada Tall is a young Guinean writer, born in Dinguiraye. He published his first book in December 2020 as he was turning 18. He is a poet, blogger and entrepreneur as well as a student. His company, ABBA Business Brokerage, sponsors his book and supports him in his academic and literary studies project. He believes in an emancipated youth capable of meeting the challenges of Guinea, Africa and humanity.
12.00 €
Picture of Thiakry of millet

Thiakry of millet

Thiakry or deguê is a delicious West African dessert. This dessert is called Thiakry in Senegal, but in Ivory Coast, Mali, and Guinea it is known as deguê. It is made with millet couscous and yogurt (or sour milk).
2.20 €
Picture of Peanut paste Boumame 500 g

Peanut paste Boumame 500 g

Peanuts are a staple ingredient in African and Southeast Asian cuisine. The peanuts are selected, then peeled, degermed, roasted and crushed… Like a paste of hazelnuts! Then we often add sugar to it. Very nutritious, it will accompany for your greatest pleasure all your traditional African dishes.
2.50 €
Picture of Dried Moringa leaves 50 g

Dried Moringa leaves 50 g

Moringa oleifera, or just moringa, is a tree cultivated throughout the tropics for its nutritional, medicinal, cosmetic and industrial benefits. The most consumed part is the leaf of the tree, on sale here, used as a remedy in Ayurvedic medicine, or as a food to fight against nutritional deficiencies in Africa, or as an ingredient to prepare homemade cosmetics. They have a slightly spicy flavor, somewhat similar to that of radishes. It is its seeds that are used in industry for water purification and as a detergent. Otherwise, the whole tree is edible and can potentially be eaten: immature capsules (fruits), leaves, ripe seeds, oil extracted from the seeds, flowers, roots, young shoots, etc. The tree is native to northern India, in the foothills of the Himalayas, as well as Sri Lanka (Ceylon), although today it is found everywhere in the tropics. It can measure up to 10 meters.
3.90 €