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Picture of Guinea palm oil

Guinea palm oil

The oil palm or Guinea Elephant (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Is a monocotyledonous plant of the Arecaceae family, widely cultivated for its fruits and seeds rich in oil for food and industrial use. Palm oil, extracted from the pulp of the fruit, has become in recent years the “first source of vegetable fats on the world market” 1. Palm kernel oil, extracted from the seeds, is authorized in the European Union as a substitute for cocoa butter.
5.00 €
Picture of The Dictation Of My Soul

The Dictation Of My Soul

BIOGRAPHY Amadou Saada Tall is a young Guinean writer, born in Dinguiraye. He published his first book in December 2020 as he was turning 18. He is a poet, blogger and entrepreneur as well as a student. His company, ABBA Business Brokerage, sponsors his book and supports him in his academic and literary studies project. He believes in an emancipated youth capable of meeting the challenges of Guinea, Africa and humanity.
12.00 €
Picture of Potato leaves

Potato leaves

100% natural dried potato leaves, made in Guinea. Net weight: 100g.
3.20 €
Picture of Bissap


100% natural Bissap, made in Guinea. Net weight: 100g.
4.10 €
Picture of Cassava leaves

Cassava leaves

100% natural dried cassava leaves, made in Guinea. Net weight: 200g.
5.80 €
Picture of Dry fish powder

Dry fish powder

100% natural dry fish powder, made in Guinea. Net weight: 150g.
7.70 €
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